Dr. PISAT (Visual Vasopressor Injection Needle)


(Visual Vasopressor Injection Needle)

A new invention for enhancing patient safety in laparosco pic myomectomy. A simple but unique innovation published internationally, protected with national and international patents and a registered trademark. We are best Vvin Needle Manufacturer And Supplier

The Problem :

The existing needles for vasopressin injection are about 30 cm long and opaque. Even on aspirating, it is almost impossible to see blood in the syringe unless a very large vessel is punctured

The Solution:

Pisat's VVIN®provides a transparent terminal portion (window) through which blood can be seen as soon as the needle punctu res a blood vessel, at a volume as less as 0.03ml (less than single drop of blood). The needle can then be withdrawn,flushed, and repositioned at a new site. We are best Vvin Needle Manufacturer And Supplier


1 Surgical Technology International Journal, USA

Pisat S, van Herendael B. Pisat's Visual Vasopressor Injection Needle: An Innovative Tool for Increasing Patient Safety in Laparoscopic Myomectomy. Surgical technology international. 2017 Mar 9;30.

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